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Repair & Maintenance Management for Technical Water Loss Reduction

On this project for the Water Authority of Jordan Engicon O&M has worked with the consortium of Dorsch and Seba KMT. This project, started in July 2007 and completed in September 2009, focused on reducing Real Water Losses. The work was accomplished through realizing improved maintenance and repair management and pressure modulation.

The project was for the pilot area of the Prince Ali Block in the Ain Al Basha district. The area was selected for this project because it is supplied by one source (a reservoir in Safout area) and its customer base of 1,500 is a manageable size.

Engicon O&M started with updating the tertiary and distribution network and introduced the computer maintenance management system (CMMS) while determining the initial NRW figure at 48%.

Concurrently, a pressure modulation system was installed by VAG and operation started in February 2008.

The measures implemented for this PPP project have produced remarkable results in spite of a few shortcomings and problems, which the project could not have influenced.

One solution was to use a pressure control device (plunger valve) to bring real water losses to a low of 43%; meanwhile the pressure modulation was operational for five out of the seven months of the investigation-period (Dec. 2007 to July 2008). And in June 2008, the O&M team at Ain Al Basha was given permanent assistance by an Engicon O&M qualified network technician.

Tools and fittings required for carrying out the repair works by the team for troubleshooting were also supplied

Real water losses were further reduced to 30% half a year later. This was discovered after another measurement cycle had been carried out to determine the NRW from activities, pressure modulation and support of the network maintenance.