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Public-private partnership successful in improving efficiency of the Ebqouria spring and pumping station in the Balqa governorate

The Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) operates pumping stations across the country for the distribution of water. However, it is considered the biggest energy consumer in Jordan, leaving much scope for looking into the efficiency of the current system in order to reduce energy consumption. To mitigate the costs of water distribution, a project was initiated in 2010 to study the potential for saving energy at pumping stations in Jordan.

A pilot was set up to improve energy efficiency at the Ebqouria water pumping stations. The aim was to reduce both energy consumption and water losses, with the ultimate goal of providing a better service to customers.

This project was funded by the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in Jordan and work began in April 2010. The project is operated by the German company WILO-EMU and the Jordanian company Engicon on a non-profit basis. WILO-EMU supplied and installed two new energy-efficient pumping units while Engicon supervised the operation and maintenance of the pumping station over a year.

During the first year of operation, Engicon measured the resulting power savings as well as the additional quantity of water supplied and the reduction in water losses.

Records for the last 11 months of the project indicated a 34% savings in power consumption, and this equates to a monetary value of JD 40,000.

Also, water losses were substantially reduced resulting in an additional 258,000 m3 of water being supplied, which has a value of JD 65,000.