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Middle Governorates Water Management

This two-year project for the Water Authority of Jordan started in November 2008. Engicon O&M was part of a consortium with Dorsch and Consulaqua.

The project’s scope of works required 10 tasks mainly related to water management improvement. The general objective was to enhance the quality of service, increase revenues and reduce water loss in a 20,000 subscriber-base pilot area in the city of Zarqa.

The tasks were as follows:


  • Procurement of bulk meters and measurement equipment.
  • Procurement of material and tools to improve customer management.
  • Identification and procurement of equipment to improve maintenance and repair services in the middle governorates.
  • Repair and rehabilitation of network with new pipe material, fittings, and appurtenances.
  • Engaging Civil Works contractor for pipeline installation and network replacement.
  • Performance-based NRW reduction and rehabilitation of the tertiary and secondary distribution network in a selected pilot area in Zarqa.
  • Revision and definition of outsourcing options (Micro PSP).
  • Improvement of pumping efficiency and energy conservation.
  • Well rehabilitation and protection measures for wells and springs.
  • Improvement of sewer network maintenance.