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Comprehensive Subscribers Survey (CSS) in the Governorate of Zarqa

Engicon O&M worked on this project with Dorsch for the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) in the Zarqa Governorate. The project started in November 2007 and was completed in January 2010.The survey covered all water (140,000) and sewerage (90,000) subscribers.

The general objectives of the programme are to improve the collection efficiency of the WAJ Subscribers Directorate through:

  1. Geographic Identification of Subscribers: This was accomplished by introducing a unique DLS coding through village name and number, block name and number, and plot number on the GIS system.
  2. Reducing Non-Revenue Water: The Consortium produced reports detailing the necessary rectifications for office and field, recommending that the WAG task force need to carry them out. The adjustments were instrumental in increasing revenues as they identified lost subscribers, broken or idle water meters, unsealed meters, non-billed sewerage subscriptions, illegal connections for water and sewer, added floors, and other irregularities.
  3. Updating Subscribers Database: A subscription database was developed to gather information about the real estate, water subscription, water meters and sewer connections. The list helped redefine new collection areas by linking them to the route system in order to update the existing subscriber database, which included customer addresses.
  4. Improving customer services: With the redesigning of the subscriber business processes the overall quality of service was improved substantially. This was realized from improving staff experience, an outcome produced through learning by doing, including such activities as meter reading, reading assessment, bill distribution, inspection, and follow-up.