Engicon O&M was established in 2007 with the mission of delivering optimal engineering solutions in water for Jordan and the Middle East markets. We’re a company driven by the value we deliver to our clients.

Our operational model blends the utilization of best-practices, tested operational and management systems and European certified training modules. Our unique approach to managing operations in water utilities delivers continuously higher efficiencies for clients. Delivering these proven and effective solutions in management, maintenance and capacity utilization is the core service of Engicon O&M.

As a subsidiary of the larger firm Engicon (www.engicon.com), a reputable multidisciplinary engineering house with an impressive project record in Jordan and the region, Engicon O&M accesses a dedicated resource base that is vast, multilayered and experienced.

Our different services are intelligently integrated to manage complex and challenging operations efficiently. Our clients interact with an established house of expertise that tailors operational management, maintenance services and capacity building and training to each project’s unique requirements. Such dedicated approach to the delivery of services attains higher levels of operational efficiencies that translate to substantial cost savings and a sustained delivery of values.