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Industrial Water Treatment Plant for Fine Hygienic Holding

In line with its policy of environmental sustainability, FHH entrusted Engicon O&M with its second project to design, finance, build, and operate an industrial wastewater treatment plant (IWTP) for its Egypt-based operations. This project serves the company’s two paper mills located in 6th of October City and follows a similar project that Engicon O&M had implemented for FHH in Jordan.

With a capacity of 1600 cubic meters per day, the IWTP was built to treat industrial wastewater in compliance with Egyptian regulations and standards for industrial wastewater treatment and discharge.

The fully automated IWTP consists of preliminary physical and chemical treatment followed by a state-of-the-art Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) System in order to reach the required standards. To further optimize its environmental compliance, FHH went one step further in treating and dewatering the generated sludge before being disposed to the proper landfill.

Engicon O&M, a wholly owned subsidiary of Engicon, was established in 2006. The purpose of this subsidiary was to utilize Engicon’s architecture and engineering skills in order to offer its clients comprehensive environmental solutions with measurable results. Engicon is proud to work and partner with like-minded and environmentally conscious clients in developing innovative schemes that better the world we live in.

Country: Egypt
Year: 2021-2031