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Innovative Design for Industrial Water Re-use

In its bid to expand into the environmental solutions business, Engicon partnered with Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH) to design, finance, and build a process waste water treatment plant (PWTP) for its industrial complex in Amman. This 7-year project provides the factory with the ability to treat its waste water and reuse it for industrial purposes.

The design capacity of the plant is 900,000 thousand litres per day. Almost 80% of the water coming to the PWTP is recycled back to the paper machines. As a result, it was possible to replace more than 50% of the fresh water with high quality treated process water.

“It is exciting and gratifying for us to see this project achieving its desired results,” said Abdallah Khair, CEO of Engicon O&M , a subsidiary of Engicon.

“This plant required a very particular design. It is relatively small, but it involves four different treatment technologies in order to reach the standards required by the client.”

Engicon hopes to expand this business model in the region through Engicon O&M. Following its success in reducing energy consumption with the design and finance of the Wala Lib Pumping station, this project with FHH was a major step forward.

Tarek Zuriekat, CEO of Engicon, said that the company was grateful for FHH for providing the opportunity to demonstrate Engicon’s skills and strengths.

“Engicon has long realized that for its engineering capabilities to be appreciated, it needs to move towards providing complete solutions, which means financing and building, as well as designing. In this project we are not selling engineering designs, we are selling treated water.”

Country: Jordan
Year: 2018-2025